Cronuts at Wild Flour Café + Bakery

Since I was in Manila for a short visit for my college classmates wedding, I decided to meet other friends around Ortigas Center. One of them suggested that we meet at Wild Flour Café + Bakery inside the The Podium, Mandaluyong City and taste their Cronuts. It was the first time I’ve heard of Wild Flour and Cronuts, therefore I said yes immediately and we all set the date and time of meeting.

(Closer) Strawberry Cronut. (Farther) Mixed Berries Cronut at Wild Flour Cafe + Bakery
(Closer) Strawberry Cronut. (Farther) Mixed Berries Cronut.

Come September 9, 2013 we all met inside Wild Flour. Turns out that I’ve seen Wild Flour even before as I usually pass by the restaurant when I head to SM Megamall from the office.

I liked the design of their shop as it was a mix of glass, black, white and wood. Plus the acoustics of inside was conducive to conversations as there was little echo going around.

Then we called on one of their staff, we asked what’s their best selling cronuts and she told us that their Chocolate and Dulce De Leche Cronut was their best sellers and it was still available. I said quickly, I’ll take one Chocolate and Lyza took Dulce De Leche. We both requested her to kindly quickly get them. Unfortunately, she came back after 10 seconds and told us that both the Chocolate and Dulce De Leche Cronut just went sold out.

So we asked here again what other flavors were left and she answered “Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Vanilla”. I ordered Strawberry and Lyza ordered Mixed Berry. Fortunately, we now had them on our table.

When we were starting to eat two of our friends came, Ana and Krishna. Ana ordered the Vanilla and Krishna ordered Mixed Berries.

Vanilla Cronut at Wild Flour Cafe + Bakery
Vanilla Cronut

Just as I suspected, Cronut came from the words Croissant and Donut, as the the dough was that of the Croissant and it was fashioned like in a donut but it was crispier.

It had a cream filling inside that is tickles my sweet tooth and the flavors are very faint, enough for me to taste all the ingredients on my Cronut. The Strawberry Glazing on top, the sweet cream filling in the middle and the croissant dough.

Dissected Strawberry Cronut at Wild Flour Cafe + Bakery
Dissected Strawberry Cronut

Somehow the strong taste of the cream filling made the Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Vanilla monotonous as they all almost taste the same. Still they all tasted great.

Will I every try Wild Flour Café + Bakery Cronut again?

It’s a definite yes, but it has to wait again when I get back to Manila and somehow it’s not ordinarily priced for the common person as it costs around 120 Pesos a piece.

I just noticed that in our receipt the cronut was written as CroiDonut. I wonder if it’s because of the trademark name of the Cronut.