Orange Claw in The Strip, Iligan City

When we were having coffee in Dark Roast in Iligan City we spotted the Orange Claw and we were curious on what it can offer. From the outside the ambience seems very nice so when an opportunity to have dinner with family occured we decided to try Orange Claw.

The Orange Claw is located at The Strip in Iligan City. This is also where Calda Pizza is located.

We waited inside The Strip for the others to arrive. When we received the message that they were near we proceeded to walk to Orange Claw. We passed by Delecta which was packed with people dining, when we entered Orange Claw there were not much people. We can’t help but ask why. Continue reading Orange Claw in The Strip, Iligan City

Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood

Whenever I’m depressed and stressed out from work I always look for this guy. My instant favorite noodles Nissin Cup Seafood. A comfort in a cup.

I first tried this when my mother went to Japan and brought home this one of a kind cup noodles. So when I have finished my first bowl I looked for it in the supermarket and fortunately, it’s also here in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, the ones in Japan had more vegetables and minced seafood than the ones here in the Philippines. The ones from Japan really resembles the picture in the lid.

Anyways, it’s still a good food and I still love it but I do hope that they would increase the vegetables and minced seafood here in the Philippines.

Nissin Cup Noodles
Cup of happiness