Dried Tahong from Puerto Princesa Old Market

I first saw a Daing na Tahong (Dried Mussels) on my visit to Roxas, Palawan last 2009 and for years I have been searching for this delicacy, unfortunately, it was very elusive. But I knew if I keep looking eventually we will meet. That was what happened last April 29, 2015.

Dried Tahong

I was buying cashew nuts in the Old Market of Puerto Princesa City before heading to the airport and accidentally saw the Daing na Tahong being sold by one of the vendors. That day was the day of our fateful meeting.

I bought the Daing na Tahong for 100 Pesos (450 Pesos/kg).

Dried Tahong

He wrapped it in a plastic. And I asked it to be wrapped again in another plastic just to be sure that my bag would not smell funky.

Dried Tahong

The morning the next day in Manila, we fried the Daing na Tahong, just like we do on other daing na isda (Dried Fish) and decided we would cook it well done. I’m not sure though if that was the best way to serve Daing na Tahong.

Dried Tahong

The taste was like how I imagined it to be, dried tahong. The smell was the same as the taste.

Was it good? Let’s just say that my taste buds weren’t very happy about it. But maybe it is an acquired taste? I’ll try getting more experience to see if I could love it like my love for Unsalted Daing na Danggit.

For now I am happy that I have found and tasted the Dried Tahong after 7 years of looking for it.

Dried Tahong

Have you tried Dried Tahong? Do you think I cooked it right? Tell me on the comments below.

Halo-halo with Ice Cream of Nokinocs Savory House

Earlier I was stressed out with all the footwork to process some paperworks. That’s why when I got it finished I went straight to Nokinocs Savory House in the town proper of Puerto Princesa, Palawan to reward myself.

I’ve been told by a lof of friends that their Halo-halo with Ice Cream was one of the best. I came in the restaurant, went straight to the counter and ordered Halo-halo with Ice Cream which cost me 85 Pesos.

Halo-halo with Ice Cream of Nokinocs Savory House in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Halo-halo with Ice Cream

They gave me a number and I waited patiently for about 3 minutes for my order. Then the waiter came with a tall plastic glass on a white small platter and a teaspoon with a long handle, covered with a tissue on its head.

The halo-halo had a vanilla ice cream on top sprinkled with Pop Rice and a strip of Leche Flan was carefully placed on top of the ice cream. The ice was mixed with a white dreamy liquid, indicating milk. At the bottom was a mix of Saging na Saba, Small Red Beans, Yellow Corn Flakes, Bits of Langka and small cubes of Kamote.

Upon puncturing of the long teaspoon to my halo-halo, it quickly went in the ice! This is the softest crushed ice I’ve tried! There I shall call this the “No-Brainer Halo-halo” as its very easy to mix. My very first halo-halo without spilling any ingredient.

The taste was good too. The mixture of the ingredients was perfect as it gives a dynamic experience of taste and texture.

Definitely one of the best halo-halo I’ve tried.

Halo-halo with Ice Cream of Nokinocs Savory House in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Nokinocs Savory House Details

Operating Hours: 10:30 AM to 8 PM

Location: Junction 1, Rizal Ave. cor. National Highway, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

How to get there

First ask around as you might be very near Nokinocs when in the town proper of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

If not, ride a tricycle and tell the driver take you to Nokinocs. Fare is 8-12 Pesos per person, depending where you’re coming from inside the town proper of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Bona’s Chaolong in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Even when I first came to Palawan I’ve noticed that on almost all the municipalities there are vietnamese restaurants. Apparently, in the past there were many Vietnamese who went to Palawan and shared their cooking to the locals.

When I asked one of my friends where to dine in Puerto Princesa other than the famous spots like Kalui, Kinabuch, Balinsasayaw and Badjao Seafront Restaurant she told me that I should try the Chaolong Noodles of Bona’s Chaolong. She also told me that the price range for her highly recommended dish was just around 50 Pesos. Since it was relatively cheap compared to the famous restaurants in Puerto Princesa I was highly interested. But what sealed the deal was when she told me that she was treating me there for dinner. Thanks Val! 🙂

Since Val was the one who knows what’s best in the restaurant I let her order for me. She ordered Buto-Buto in Beef Stew Soup (50 Pesos) – when you say this it’s automatic that you’re ordering for Chaolong Noodles.

Chaolong Noodles with Buto-Buto in Beef Stew Soup

It was not in the menu so she had to specifically order it to the waiter. After adding some toge (monggo sprouts) and dipping the mint leaves I was ready to dine. Val was not joking! It was really good!

I ordered French Bread (10 Pesos) to accompany my Chaolong. A little dip on the Beef Stew Soup and it was a perfect combination.

French Bread

We then saw a sign of their newest refreshment, the Yakult Shake. Unfortunately, it was a bad decision on our part to try it. I only had a small hint of Yakult on the shake that it tasted more like water shake. I suggest sticking to the normal drink for this restaurant.

Note: I tried again the Yakult Shake and it was now good. You can read about it here.

Yakult Shake

Would I recommend Bona’s Chaolong?

Definitely! I’ve tasted different Chaolongs around Palawan and this is by far the most delicious of them all.

How to get there

From any point of Puerto Princesa City Proper ride a tricycle and tell the driver that you are going to Bonas. Depending on where you are in the city the fare would range from 8 to 10 Pesos.



By the way, the restaurant is not aircon. But it has electric fans around.

I’m not sure whether if the restaurant is open 24 hours.

Palawan Noni Juice by B.O.G. Coffee Shop

I was waiting for my flight back to Manila in Puerto Princesa, Palawan when I decided to walk around the departure waiting area due to boredom. Then I saw this sign

B.O.G. Coffee Shop - Palawan Noni Juice

I’ve seen a lot of noni fruits on my travels around the country, mostly in off-the-beaten path beaches but this is the first time I saw that they make it as juice.

I ordered one (1) Noni Juice for 140 Pesos. A bit hurtful for my budget since I’ve almost spent it on my trip to El Nido.

Palawan Noni Juice - BOG Coffee Shop

Since I was bored and there were no other customers lined up, I decided to talk to the baristas. They were fun to talk to and very kind. We were talking and laughing until I curiously asked if the Noni Juice was good. Suddenly, there was this awkward silence from all the baristas. That gave me the cue to brace myself for this drink.

When I arrived at home I told my parents about it and they said that Noni is actually a drank to help diabetes and other sickness just like the billboard above says.

Palawan Noni Juice

How did it taste like? Yucky! Not my cup of tea. Just a sip from it would define it as medicinal drink because it tasted like medicine.

All along I thought I could finish my Palawan Noni Juice but I could not.

Was it worth it? Yes! It was worth the try. At least when I die I know how a Noni Juice tastes like. I just wish I don’t get sick so that doctors would not require me to drink it.