M&M’s Snack Mix

After dining at Yabu, The House of Katsu we decided to pass by the Supermarket at SM Megamall to buy some snacks for the house.

We were looking for Keebler’s Chocolate Lovers Cookies, unfortunately we could no longer find it in the whole of Metro Manila! That’s when we found M&M’s Snack Mix.


M&M's Snack Mix Salty and Sweet


It was new to our sight and the packaging was enticing. Got it. Paid for it. Went home. Ate it.

Other than the usual M&M multicolored peanut chocolate there were a number of additions inside the package like roasted almonds, crunchy pretzels and round biscuits. It was truly a combination of salty and sweet.

M&M's Snack Mix Salty and Sweet

Somehow, comparing it to the price it was just alright.

By the way the M&M’s Snack Mix costs 189.50 Pesos when we bought it.