Twix Cookie Bar

When my brother and I were still kids, every after church we would run to the nearby 7-11 store to buy some chocolates. There were a lot of chocolate bars to choose from. I liked 3 Musketeers. My brother liked Snickers. But when the going gets tough on our measly finances we would always buy Twix Cookie Bar.

Twix Cookie Bar with Plastic Wrapper

Twix Cookie Bar contains 2 chocolate bars (or stick) with infinitesimal difference in weight and volume. Therefore eliminating the ceremonious errorful cutting of the chocolate bar where the cutter outweighs the other by cutting a millimeter to centimeter away from the halfway point, in Filipino terms Hating Kapatid.

Twix Cookie Bar without wrapper

I just take one bar and my brother takes the other. Both are equally happy.

But that’s not all there is with Twix Cookie Bar. Of course, me and my brother has taste. The milk chocolate covering has the right amount of thickness, sweetness and the goodness of the chocolatey taste. The caramel inside creates a difference in taste in terms of sweetness and texture from the milk chocolate covering. And the cookie bar strip has a neutral taste and crunchy texture reducing the monotonous sweetness. With all their powers combined the Twix Cookie Bar creates a dynamic flavor and texture in every bite.

Twix Cookie Bar Caramel Showing

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Time to take pictures: 5 minutes

Time spent eating: 30 seconds

By the way, Twix Cookie Bar costs 38 Pesos/piece when I bought it in The Landmark Trinoma.