Tuna Salad Bunwich by Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts was the third food store we have been to here in Iligan last 2 nights ago because it was one of those 24 hours stores and we could extend our talk with friends.

I was not hungry. I did not want to eat. But I know that we had to order since it would be bad for us to use the establishment’s facilities without making them earn. So I was looking for something light and not sweet, and luckily Dunkin Donuts had Bunwich.

I originally ordered for a Chicken Salad Bunwich, unfortunately, they were out of stock. So I ordered the Tuna Salad Bunwich (60 Pesos) and an Orange Punch (30 Pesos) for a drink.

They prepared the order while I paid.

The Bunwich was wrapped which looks rather delicious looking.

Tuna Salad Bunwich by Dunkin Donuts

But when I opened to see the Bunwich, the bread was already wrinkled which made my appetite neutral since I was not really hungry. Continue reading Tuna Salad Bunwich by Dunkin Donuts