Chicken Katsu and Gyoza at Crazy Katsu

I met with Bibang at one night at Philcoa near Quezon City Memorial Circle. She asked where would I like to dine and as courtesy I asked her where she would like to dine. She suggested that we eat at Crazy Katsu in Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village. I’ve heard of the restaurant before from my cousin but never tried it yet. I said yes and we were off to the line of tricycles near Mini Stop and asked where we could ride.

Crazy Katsu at Maginhawa Street, Teacher's Village, Quezon City


After more than 5 minutes and 12 Pesos per person the tricycle stopped in front of Crazy Katsu. We went in and sat on one of the ends of the restaurant. A female staff gave us menus.

I was happy with their menu as it only had a few items. I always had a hard tie picking a dish from a large menu with many choices. But since it was my first time in Crazy Katsu, I decided to go with my usual moves – asking the waitress on what was their best seller. She answered Chicken Katsu (145 Pesos) and agreed with her. Bibang ordered Gyoza (120 Pesos) for us to try different dishes. Since I was not in the mood for softdrinks nor a glass of water, I ordered Hot Tea (40 Pesos).

After what seem to be 10 minutes, one-by-one our orders arrived. First was the Hot Tea which was served on the usual white ceramic tea pot. The waitress told us that if the water from our Hot Tea was empty we could have her refill it for us. Then Bibang’s Gyoza and my Chicken Katsu.

Bibang’s Gyoza was served with a cup of rice on a bowl. I’m glad that the rice was sticky as eating with a chopstick when it’s not sticky would be the same as making yourself hungry while eating, at least for me. The Gyoza was placed on black plate the shape of a boat. 5 pieces of what seems to be cooking-oil-shiny siomai wrappers were the Gyoza. When I tasted it, it had the assortment of different vegetables. Since I was not in the mood for something healthy that night, my variable taste measure would give it a 6 out of 10.

Gyoza at Crazy Katsu

Gyoza with Rice at Crazy Katsu

After tasting the Gyoza I focused on my order, Chicken Katsu. It was breaded fillet chicken sprinkled with chopped spring onion and a red thai chili, which was a false sili labuyo. The chicken was resting on a bed of minced cabbage and everything was served on a red plastic plate with a black bottom. It was also accompanied by a bowl of rice. I was happy for the minced cabbage below as though I wasn’t looking for something healthy that night, it would still be something I would enjoy with the spicy chicken. It turns out that the Chicken Kastu was what I was looking for that night. Something spicy and chickeny.

Chicken Katsu at Crazy Katsu
Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu in Crazy Katsu

With our stomachs filled and me slightly sweaty from my spicy Chicken Katsu, it was a good meal for the night.

Bibang and I parted ways, her going back to Philcoa and I walking towards a friends house near the area.