Sagada Lemon Pie House

I have been hearing good things about the Lemon Pie House in Sagada and truth be told that I forgot this place when I got there. But seeing the interesting facade on my way to Sumaging Cave, all the testimonials quickly flashed back through my mind with the conclusion of “I must eat here.

Sagada Lemon Pie House

One thing I liked about Lemon Pie House is that you do not have to enter the premises to know what their prices are. I’m the type of guy who’s a bit embarassed if I comfortably sat inside a food shop just to know that the food there is too expensive for my budget. Continue reading Sagada Lemon Pie House

Corned Beef in Pork & Beans

This was one of my staple foods when I was still in elementary to college. Being an easy to cook recipe with the ingredients not easily spoiled this also became one of my favorite food to cook during hiking trips.


Quirky Snack from Batangas – Pakaskas

At first glance of how it was packed I did not know that it was a famous snack in Batangas. I had to muster all courage just to ask the person who was bringing it to know what was inside. He explained that it’s locally called Pakaskas, a sweet snack made from Buri palm sugar molds that was made in Isla Verde, Batangas.

Pakaskas Packaging

Pakaskas is sold at 20 Pesos per tube but if you buy at mainland Batangas the price would increase due to transportation costs. Continue reading Quirky Snack from Batangas – Pakaskas