Miguel & Maria in Lilac Street, Marikina

My brother was celebrated his birthday yesterday and we decided that we should try dining at Lilac. So he checked who among the restaurants in Lilac has the best rating and Miguel & Maria showed up. We booked an Uber and headed to Miguel & Maria.

When we arrived there was a staff waiting for us as we go down. He opened the doors of the vehicle and ushered us to the entrance. From there he told us to go inside since there were still a lot of seats vacant.

I was surprised on how spacious and homey the plae was. White walls, red bricks, wooden frame. I wanted to take pictures of the place but there were some people dining so I was too shy to take a picture.

When we were on our seats the waiter handed us the menu and gave us time to go through it. Then after a little while he came back with glasses and a bottle of water. My brother was surprised with their prices as they were almost half the price he was used to when ordering the same food in Makati or BGC diners.

When we were reluctantly ready (first time dining here) we called his attention to ask him about what to order. We decided to order the following.

  • Seafood Marinara (220 Pesos)
  • Baby Back Ribs (265 Pesos)
  • Miguel & Maria’s Seafood Paella (350 Pesos)
  • Campfire Smores Ice Cream (110 Pesos)
  • Blueberry Cheesecake (150 Pesos/slice)
  • Raspberry Sola (45 Pesos)
  • Regular Coca Cola in Can (50 Pesos)

What was surprising was the food was prepared really fast. I think we waited only around 5 minutes for the Baby Back Ribs and Seafood Marinara to arrive. Then another 2 minutes for the Seafood Paella.

Here are photos of what we ordered.

Baby Back Ribs (265 Pesos)

They said it was for a single person but it was actually good for 2 persons. Luckily, my father took the other Baby Back Ribs. Yes, there are 2 Baby Back Ribs on the plate.

What I loved about this is that the meat was really soft. So soft that when we were trying to move the Baby Back Ribs to my father’s plate by poking it with a fork we could not do it because the ribs are splitting apart. Really nice when it’s easy to eat the Baby Back Ribs.

This is one of their specialties according to their menu.

It was delicious too. I do wish it was a bit more flavorful but still it is delicious.

Seafood Marinara (220 Pesos)

The Seafood Marinara was delicious. We had this shared among the four of us.

Miguel & Maria’s Seafood Paella (350 Pesos)

This one is delicious too. It’s actually one of their specialties.

I just found the there were too many rice compared to the seafoods above. Still it is one of my favorites.

Campfire Smores Ice Cream (110 Pesos)

At first we were reluctant to order this one since it’s ice cream but we still ordered it since the name was interesting. According to their menu this was Home Crafted so we tried it.

Surprisingly, I really liked it. What I love about is that the ice cream does not have a plain flavor. Each bite consists of various flavors and textures which I really love with my dessert.

Blueberry Cheesecake (150 Pesos/slice)

This one is delicious too. The texture of the cheesecake is nice and the flavors of the cheesecake, crushed graham crackers and blueberry compliments each other.

Raspberry Sola (45 Pesos)

I just love Sola Raspberry.

Would I recommend Miguel & Maria?

Oh yes! I loved the ambience, the friendliness of the staff, the affordability and the food.

I would definitely go back here and try their other food.

Miguel and Maria Details

Operating Hours

11AM to 10PM.

I think last order is on 9:30PM. (I’m not reliable on this one)

Contact Details

Numbers: +632-423-2624, +63-998-972-2456

Facebook: miguelandmaria

Instagram: miguelandmaria

Twitter: miguelandmaria


89 Lilac corner Panorama St., Concepcion Dos, Marikina City

Other Details

Their Main Dish on the menu has some items that are for sharing. Kindly ask them what they are before ordering.

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