Chops of Bonchon in Ayala Centrio Mall, Cagayan de Oro

We were at Ayala Centrio Mall and we were hungry. We wanted something that was familiar but not that familar to us and that’s when we saw Bonchon. I only get to eat Bonchon when I am in Manila during family gatherings because of their Big Box Chicken Wings but this we were only a few persons so Big Boxes were out of the question.

That was when I saw the K-Style Chops Boxed Meal of Bonchon. I have already tried their chicken wings let me try the Chops.

The servings size of this chicken fillet was enough for a 155 Pesos meal I even ordered extra rice which was a good decision.

In terms of taste, it was good but I found it a little bland and monotonous compared to the Bonchon’s Chicken Wings.

Sorry, but next time I will try to avoid the K-Style Chops of Bonchon and just stick to the Chicken Wings which is my favorite.

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