Orange Claw in The Strip, Iligan City

When we were having coffee in Dark Roast in Iligan City we spotted the Orange Claw and we were curious on what it can offer. From the outside the ambience seems very nice so when an opportunity to have dinner with family occured we decided to try Orange Claw.

The Orange Claw is located at The Strip in Iligan City. This is also where Calda Pizza is located.

We waited inside The Strip for the others to arrive. When we received the message that they were near we proceeded to walk to Orange Claw. We passed by Delecta which was packed with people dining, when we entered Orange Claw there were not much people. We can’t help but ask why.

The servers were really courteous and somehow helped out on what to order on their menu but it felt like the waitress who assisted us were reluctant to suggest any orders.

We decided on the following.

  • Half Orange Catch Shrimp in Classic Garlic Butter (195 Pesos)
  • Baked Scallops (150 Pesos)
  • Orange Basket with Tar and Ramoulade Sauce (249 Pesos)
  • Sotanghon Guisado (119 Pesos)
  • Tuna Belly 350g (350 Pesos)
  • Cucumber Lemonade (80 Pesos)

Each of the orders above were good for 3-4 persons. We were only 4 persons in the group but it still did not stop us from ordering many.

We tried ordering Soft Shell Crabs but they said that it was not available.

One of their staff approached us and covered our table with a plastic sheet, they also provided plastic gloves and tissue.

You also have an option to not avail a plate and eat on the plastic sheet, which we locally call ‘boodle’.

We were not in the mood to wear plastic gloves or do the boodle so we requested for plates and spoon and fork which they gladly gave.

Slowly our orders came.

Cucumber Lemonade (80 Pesos)

It was a little too sweet and I could not taste the cucumber enough.

Half Orange Catch Shrimp in Classic Garlic Butter (195 Pesos)

I was expecting something that did not have starch on the sauce. I did taste the garlic but it was really too faint. The taste of the shrimp was not really there. The starch was too much. I wish they removed the starch and just cooked it on garlic and butter. This is not something I enjoyed.

Sotanghon Guisado (119 Pesos)

This one I really enjoyed! The flavors were good and each ingredient complimented each other.

Orange Basket with Tar and Ramoulade Sauce (249 Pesos)

The Tempura, Calamari and Fishpops all had the same taste. Too much flour.

The sauces were even faint, not enough to enhance the flavor of the Tempura, Calamari and Fishpops.

Baked Scallops (150 Pesos)

It felt artificial. The shells were too uniform and the back side was smooth and shiny that it reminded me of the singing crab in Moana. It was dry also. It did not have the oil that I usually look forward to in my Scallops.

Tuna Belly 350g (350 Pesos)

Sorry about the picture. I was really looking forward to the Tuna Belly and it came in late so when it arrived one by one we each took a piece and I forgot to take a picture of it.

I’m glad to tell you that their Tuna Belly is above average. The sauce that they used when grilling complimented the flavor of the Tuna Belly. And since the sauce was not inside the meat I experience a dynamic flavor when eating it.

The soy sauce dip though really needs improvement as I was shocked that it was bland.


All in all our bill was 1,338 Pesos. If you base it on the size of the meals it was worth it but flavor wise and quality wise this restaurant really need a lot of improvement.

After eating at Orange Claw I understand why it has less customers compared to Delecta. I still wish they would improve their food… really, really improve.

Maybe they should try eating at Bubba Gump sometimes.

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