Puto Maya with Fresh Mangoes and Sikwate at Tablea Chocolate Cafe

We were flying out of Cebu City after our almost 2 weeks of travel there. I was not expecting anything interesting to find at Mactan Airport predeparture area. I just needed a table and a seat for me to catch up with work while we wait for our flight.

It turns out that there are not many tables in Mactan Airport. Luckily, we saw another person who was on the seats and has a table. When I checked the table it turns out that Tablea Chocolate Cafe offers this. I needed to work so we went to the counter and we had to order something even if we are not looking for anything.

Tables at Mactan Airport by Tables Chocolate Cafe

We asked the lady at the counter what was their best seller and she quickly pointed out to the sign in front of us. The sign says “Puto Maya with Fresh Mangoes with your choice of chocolate drink” for 135 Pesos per order.  We decided that we will have that.

Tablea Chocolate Cafe at Mactan Airport

Next question what drink should we choose. The staff told us that their best seller was the traditional hot chocolate drink or what locals popularly calls it Sikwate.

We paid then waited for our orders, then got some tables and set it up along our seats. After about 3 minutes of waiting our order was complete.

The mango’s ripeness were just right. It was really sweet.

The Puto Maya was a bit dry. It was still okay as the taste was mild making it a perfect combination to the Fresh Mango.

Fresh Mango and Puto Maya by Tablea Chocolate Cafe in Mactan Airport, Cebu

The Sikwate was delicious. I could really taste the tablea and the sweetness of the drink. It brought back memories.

Sikwate or Traditional Hot Chocolate by Tablea Chocolate Cafe in Mactan Airport, Cebu

All in all I was really happy with the Puto Maya with Fresh Mango and Traditional Hot Chocolate (Sikwate).

Puto Maya, Fresh Mangoes and Sikwate (Traditional Hot Chocolate) by Tablea Chocolate Cafe in Mactan Airport, Cebu

I look forward to flying out of Mactan Airport again. Actually, I look forward to visiting Cebu again and looking for Tablea Chocolate Cafe branches. I read in their website that they have branches in SM City Cebu, J Centre Mall, Ayala Center Cebu and Robinsons Cybergate.

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