Brews Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

I’ve been to Brews Almighty more than any coffee shop in Iligan City during my 20 day stay. I’m a online worker so I needed a fast and reliable internet and an available electric socket for me to be able to work efficiently and Brew’s Almighty has those. But let’s talk about more on their food and some drinks.

Here are some of the food and drinks we have tried during our multiple visits there.

Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

Toffee Coffee (135 Pesos)

It was weirdly hot on my visit in Iligan City that is why I almost always both cold drinks and I liked the Toffee Coffee. It had the right amount of coffee and chocolate. Perfect for the hot weather.

Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

Raspberry Smoothie (135 Pesos)

When I was not in the mood for something with caffeine I ordered the Raspberry Smoothie. Not too fruity, not too sweet. Just the right amount of Raspberry flavor in milk and ice.

Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

Baked Tuna Casserole (100 Pesos)

I can’t really say that this is one of my favorite as I found it a bit salty for my taste even if the texture was good and the amount perfect for its price. I’ll give it a try again. Maybe the salty batch was just an isolated case.

Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

Supermoist Chocolate Cake (100 Pesos)

This one is one of my favorites as it’s moist and the right amount of chocolatiness. Perfect for that Coffee Amerikano.

Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

Suman with Latik (20 Pesos)

This is my most ordered food in Brews Almighty. Not only is it cheap but works well with hot drinks. I like it because the suman was not sweet and the latik really complemented the flavor and texture of the suman. I can’t wait to have this again.

Note: These are not all that we tried. There were days that we really had to work and forgot that we are bloggers.


Brew’s Almighty had the perfect ambience for working. It was quiet and the lighting was perfect from morning to the afternoon. Unfortunately, when they turn on the lights during late afternoon to evening it ruins the mood because they use orange light which makes the place darker than usual.

I wish they would switch to the right amount of white light during the evening so that it would still be conducive for work and for talk with friends.

Here are photos of what’s inside Brew’s Almighty.

Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

Would I go back to Brew’s Almighty?

Yes! This place is my favorite in Iligan City in terms of place to work. The food is good. Drinks and Coffee are good too. I have no reason to not go back.

I’m definitely going back to Brew’s Almighty.

Brew’s Almighty Details

Operating Hours: 11AM to 11PM. Daily.

Location: Andres Bonifacio Ave., Iligan City, Philippines

Here’s a link to Google Maps where Brew’s Almight is located –


If you are going to use their electric sockets they charge 5 Pesos/hour/gadget

  • They require a minimum of 120 Pesos purchase for you to connect to their internet via wifi.

Brew's Almighty in Iligan City, Philippines

Have you tried the coffee of Brew’s Almighty? Tell me what you think on the comments below.

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