B.Bu.Q Barbecue Haus in Quezon Ave. Extension, Iligan City, Philippines

Since I was visiting Iligan, my uncle invited me to have dinner at B. Bu. Q. Barbecue Haus. I knew Iligan knows how to cook up good food and even when we were kids I’ve already loved the taste of barbecue being sold on the side streets of Iligan City.

B. Bu. Q.

When I got to B. Bu. Q. in Quezon Ave. Extension I was glad that it was a decent looking open-air restaurant. The smell is as good and smokey as a barbecue shop gets.

We first went to the counter and chose what we wanted to order.

B. Bu. Q.

B. Bu. Q.

We paid then they gave us a number while they grill our food.

B. Bu. Q.

While waiting we prepared our sawsawan (dip) so that when the food arrives we would start munching after prayer.

B. Bu. Q.

Our orders came with the drinks that we ordered and we started munching.

B. Bu. Q Barbecue Haus

Pork B. B. Q

What I love about their Pork Barbecue is how tender it was. It was easy to cut or chew. The taste was good too. Not too sweet and not too salty. The fat was also juicy.

B. Bu. Q.

Chicken Q. Leg/Paa

This was good too. Right amount of cooking. And the taste went inside the chicken, which indicates that it was marinated for a good amount of time.

B. Bu. Q.


I just wanted to say that the price of their rice was 12 Pesos/cup. It was cooked well and perfect for the grilled food that we ordered.

B. Bu. Q.
The front of B. Bu. Q Barbecue Haus

Would I eat in B. Bu. Q. again?

YES! I’m planning a trip back to Iligan City and I’m definitely dining in this place again. 🙂

Have you tried the pork barbecue of B. Bu. Q.? Was it good for your taste? Tell me on the comments below?

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