The Fruh Cafe in Tibanga, Iligan City, Philippines

On my first day in Iligan City, I asked a good friend of mine to take me to a restaurant where we could have a light dinner. She thought of many restaurants in town and eventually decided that we should try The Fruh Cafe. Somewhere near Iligan Institute of Technology (IIT) in Tibanga.

Fruh in Tibanga, Iligan City, Philippines

When I looked at their menu I was glad that the prices were also light on the pocket.

We ordered the following.

  • Seafood Pasta – 95 Pesos
  • Aglio E Olio (Bacon) – 65 Pesos
  • Mango Roll Crepe – 65 Pesos
  • Bananas & Hazelnut Crepe – 59 Pesos

We were just a few customers when we arrived at The Fruh Cafe so our orders were served in about 5-7 minutes.

Fruh in Tibanga, Iligan City, Philippines

Seafood Pasta

The Seafood Pasta was good. I was very glad that the shrimps and mussels were visible. The amount was enough for someone who’s looking for a light dinner. The taste was how a seafood pasta should be. A good mix of spices, herbs, oil, pasta, tomato sauce and seafood.

The bread was a bit over-toasted for my taste but it was still a good complement to the seafood pasta.

Fruh in Tibanga, Iligan City, Philippines

Aglio E Olio (Bacon)

Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil was good too. A fair amount to what we paid for and the taste was good. The bacon was good too.

Note: I did not order this. I was just the one who finished this.

Fruh in Tibanga, Iligan City, Philippines

Mango Roll Crepe

Unfortunately for the Mango Roll Crepe it would have been good except that the mango was not yet ripe enough. It was still sour.

Fruh in Tibanga, Iligan City, Philippines

Bananas & Hazelnut Crepe

The Banana too in the Banane Hazelnut Crepe was not yet ripe enough too. The banana was not sweet and it still had some bitterness to it.

Would I still go back to Fruh Cafe?

Yes! The only bad experience I had with them was the unripe mango and banana. It might have been a problem with their supplier. I do hope thought that they could improve on the quality of their fruit.

But I’m definitely going back there if ever I am going for a light dinner or snack.

Fruh Cafe Details

Operating Hours

  • 9AM-9PM Monday to Saturday
  • 9AM-6PM Sunday


Fruh Cafe along Andres Bonifacio Ave., Tibanga, Iligan City. Near MSU-IIT.

Here’s a link to Google Maps to know where Fruh Cafe is located –

Here are some photos of The Fruh Cafe.

Fruh in Tibanga, Iligan City, Philippines

Fruh in Tibanga, Iligan City, Philippines

Have you tried dining at The Fruh Cafe? Tell me your experience on the comments below.

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