Dried Tahong from Puerto Princesa Old Market

I first saw a Daing na Tahong (Dried Mussels) on my visit to Roxas, Palawan last 2009 and for years I have been searching for this delicacy, unfortunately, it was very elusive. But I knew if I keep looking eventually we will meet. That was what happened last April 29, 2015.

Dried Tahong

I was buying cashew nuts in the Old Market of Puerto Princesa City before heading to the airport and accidentally saw the Daing na Tahong being sold by one of the vendors. That day was the day of our fateful meeting.

I bought the Daing na Tahong for 100 Pesos (450 Pesos/kg).

Dried Tahong

He wrapped it in a plastic. And I asked it to be wrapped again in another plastic just to be sure that my bag would not smell funky.

Dried Tahong

The morning the next day in Manila, we fried the Daing na Tahong, just like we do on other daing na isda (Dried Fish) and decided we would cook it well done. I’m not sure though if that was the best way to serve Daing na Tahong.

Dried Tahong

The taste was like how I imagined it to be, dried tahong. The smell was the same as the taste.

Was it good? Let’s just say that my taste buds weren’t very happy about it. But maybe it is an acquired taste? I’ll try getting more experience to see if I could love it like my love for Unsalted Daing na Danggit.

For now I am happy that I have found and tasted the Dried Tahong after 7 years of looking for it.

Dried Tahong

Have you tried Dried Tahong? Do you think I cooked it right? Tell me on the comments below.

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  1. I am living in Malaysia now and this dried tahong is very common to see in Malaysian- chinese kitchen. Most of the time my MIL will used this in a soup to enhance flavor and if you have a baby who started solid this can put in the porridge as well. Earlier, i was looking inside my fridge and saw a packet of dried tahong that was there for years because my hubby doesn’t like the smell so i’d never got a chance to uset it. But today i decided to sooked it and maybe look for some way to make it as a dish. That’s how i come across your blog. I decided to braised it and put some shiitake mushroom and maybe put venigar like adobong pusit. Haha i’m not really sure what’s the outcome of this experiment. Goodlyck to me 🙂

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