Kani Mango Sandwich by Cebu Pacific Air

I was hungry when we boarded the Cebu Pacific Flight from Puerto Princesa to Manila at around lunch time. I’m not a person who’s a fan of buying food from their inflight meals but I was really hungry so I checked their menu and saw the Kani Mango Sandwich for 180 Pesos.

Kani Mango Sandwich

Kani (Crab) and Mango reminds me of California Maki which I really love so it might be a really good idea to order Kani Mango Sandwich. I ordered one along with a Blue Calamansi flavored water.

The flight stewardess arrived and brought the Kani Mango Sandwich in a thin plastic container wrapped in cling wrap.

Kani Mango Sandwich

What I first noticed is that the picture had way more stuff in between the sandwich bread than the one in front of me. But I have experienced way too many of this scenario that I am already immuned to this disappointment. Besides, I am hungry and there is no way I am going to eat the picture than the real thing.

Kani Mango Sandwich

Kani Mango Sandwich

I checked the inside, there was one piece of mango (check), a few bits of kani sticks (check) and a few lettuce bits (check). All the ingredients are there including the spreading of mayonnaise. But still far from the total volume of the picture.

Kani Mango Sandwich

The taste was exactly how I imagined it to be, like California Maki minus the rice in between a sandwich bread, which was good by the way. The Blue Calamansi flavored water was a perfect pair for this the Kani Mango Sandwich.

Would I order it again?

Yes! That is if I am in the same super hungry state when I ride a Cebu Pacific Flight. Otherwise, I shall just behave like a good seatmate on the plane and enjoy the view.

Have you tried the Kani Mango Sandwich? Tell us if you loved it on the comments below.

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