Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy

I was walking randomly last week at the Town Proper of Puerto Princesa when I saw a series of tarpaulin with pictures of food in it. I saw the usual cakes and rice dishes but what really caught my attention was the Ube Cheesecake. I’ve never had an Ube Cheesecake before! So I looked where it was located and the tarps were saying Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy.

Excited as I was to try the Ube Cheesecake, I still had some stuff to do in Puerto Princesa so I had to put my priorities straight and remind my stomach to try it later.

Finally at around 7:00 PM I finally had time to taste my craving for an Ube Cheesecake. So I told the tricycle driver to take me to SSS in front of NCCC, paid him 8 Pesos for the ride, and walked straight to the glass doors of Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy.

Inside Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy

I went straight to the counter and looked for the Ube Cheesecake and there it was beside a small sign that says 85 Pesos. Seeing that I was a bit hungry that night I also ordered for a Moist Chocolate Cake for 65 Pesos. And since I’m trying to avoid caffeinated drinks for no reasonable reason, I ordered the Peppermint Tea for 40 Pesos.

Ube Cheesecake – 85 Pesos

I waited a little while that seemed like a long time before they served my slices of cakes and a tall inverted cone glass of tea. Luckily, I still had the patience to take pictures of the cakes before I devoured them.

Though a part of the Ube Cheesecake crust below was not there when it was served I was still happy that it tasted good. I could only taste a hint of Cheese from the Ube. Maybe it was that the Ube had a strong taste. I’m glad that it was not that sweet too. Just the right amount for a cheesecake.

The Moist Chocolate Cake was a bit not in the moist side but it was still a good fix for the chocolate lover like me.

Moist Chocolate Cake

The Peppermint Tea was the perfect combination for the Ube Cheesecake and the Moist Chocolate Cake. It was not sweet and had just the right amount of bitterness. I’m glad I picked the Peppermint Tea over other flavors of tea at the counter.

Peppermint Tea

When I finished my Ube Cheesecake and Moist Chocolate Cake I felt that there was something wrong with my night. Then the staff walked from the counter to the other table carrying pasta and a plate of viand and rice. That’s when I realized that I still had not eaten dinner!

I quickly ordered for me to have a menu and asked the waitress what’s their best seller. She said Cordon Bleu and I felt like I had not eaten Cordon Bleu for decades so I agreed with her and with a lot of patience I was finally able to get my food.

Cordon Bleu with Rice – 160 Pesos

When the waitress said that the Cordon Bleu is one of their best sellers I think she was not joking. It tasted really good. The sauce was light and the chicken mixed with cheese and other stuff were cooked right. The cup of rice was measured correctly. I think their measure is literally a baking cup that’s why it was many, unlike many fastfoods I know. 😛

All in all, it was a good dessert-first-before-dinner night. I went back to my lodge satisfied.

My Expenses

P85.00 1 slice Ube Cheesecake
P65.00 1 slice Moist Chocolate Cake
P40.00 1 peppermint tea
P160.00 1 Cordon Bleu with Rice
P350.00 TOTAL

Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy Details

Operating Hours: 9AM to 9PM daily.

Contact Number: 0917-553-6999

How to get there

From anywhere in the town proper of Puerto Princesa you may ride a tricycle and tell the driver to take you to SSS near NCCC. When you go down at SSS you’ll be able to easily spot Heavenly Desserts by Dorothy. Depending on your located the fare would range from 8 Pesos to 20 Pesos.

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