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My unsuccessful attempts to launch my own business made me grow fonder of entrepreneurs. Starting your own business requires guts, confidence, commitment to what you’re doing and an awful lot of energy translated into productive action. It is for these reasons that I accept invites from people in the food industry – restaurateurs, food stall owners,  fellow food bloggers, what have you.

Today, I am introducing several cupcakes made by Joy Acosta, a home-based baker and stylish mom, who was introduced to me via Twitter by a common friend and fellow food blogger Shawn.

Ever the classic entrepreneurial story, Little Jose’s Kitchen is named after her gorgeous son Jose (the adjective was exactly made for kids like him) and was conceived out of her love for pastries.

All her cupcakes are shamelessly topped with icing that’s aptly sweet and perfectly meshes well with its base. As  Red Velvet was the most eye-catching  with its edible gold beads and smooth icing, it was the first one I tried. I was told that it’s a  bestseller and I’m not surprised.  Red velvet cupcakes are everywhere these days although I’m still baffled over the craze with the red food coloring it’s known for. The icing  is made with Philadelphia cream cheese which makes the flavor slightly milky and not buttery.  My teeth glided easily and needless to say, it was moist and quite tasty. There’s a slightly bitter after-taste that’s appealing to those who don’t like their treats too sweet.

Red Velvet
Red Velvet

On first glance,  the carrot and pineapple cupcake  failed to pique my interest as it was the plainest looking one in the box but I am thankful that I was wrong as this became my favorite.  The pineapple amplified the flavor of the carrot but had I not been told there’s pineapple in it, I would have missed it completely as my  tongue failed to detect the citrus taste of pineapple.  It also has walnuts folded into the mixture which were still delightfully crunchy, even after a week inside the fridge.

Carrot and pineapple cupcake
Carrot and pineapple cupcake

The last one I tried in one sitting was the Black Forest, a German dessert prepared with cherry liquor. It’s definitely a treat to the eyes with its fresh cherry topping and chocolate shavings over a buttery icing. With the powerful ingredients in it, this dessert is something one would immediately love or loathe.

Black Forest

Apart from cupcakes, LJK also offers cakes and other cupcake flavors.  Some of what I’ve missed are the banana dulce de leche cake and butter cupcakes with dulce de leche, the thought of which makes me drool.  Joy with her enthusiasm over batter is continuously coming up with ways to elevate her offerings and I wish her a happy ending over this courageous venture.


Price : P330/6pcs. (Minimum order) P600/Dozen
*For pick-up in Mandaluyong;
Delivery options in Makati & Mandaluyong area available for bulk orders.

Little Jose’s Kitchen
Facebook Page: Little Jose’s Kitchen
Twitter: @JosesCupcakes
Instagram: @josescupcakes
Mobile: +63 915 273 1111 – Joy

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