Doggie’s Mexican Chow Taste Test

Every now and then, I  find myself craving for Mexican food. Unfortunately,  there aren’t a lot of options here in Manila, well, at least not one that’ll dent my pocket.

Doggie’s Mexican Chow, a start-up business named after  a stuffed dog that serves Mexican snacks that are friendly to the pockets and the Filipino palate.

Incidentally,  I received an invite from fellow food blogger Aldous, to check out Doggie’s Mexican Chow, a stall located at the food court of Burgundy Corporate Tower in Makati City. I had an inkling that it would be worth checking out as  it’s not very often that  food stall owners would invite bloggers.

Its location is not hard to find as BCT is along Gil Puyat Ave. At the ground floor, the small food court is easy to spot as its clear glass walls reveal some stalls. Going in, I am overwhelmed with the smell of oil and food but I was not deterred. I have been to grimmer places where I discovered sublime food.  😛

After a few minutes,  our group was complete. The gorgeous and friendly owners, Angel and Fred welcomed us and food started pouring in.

The multi-colored nachos creates an amusing sound of corn chips breaking inside your mouth.  I initially though the purple and pink ones represented other flavors but we were told that it was due to food coloring. Health concerns aside,  I find it creative. The regular  yellow corn chips which is usually served in most restaurants are becoming boring. The flavorful cheese, beef and salsa, as expected, meshed well with the chips.

Multi-colored Nachos  (80 Pesos)
Multi-colored Nachos (80 Pesos)

Soft Tacos which can be availed in either chicken or steak fillings has a chewy and tasty shell. It’s not hard to bite into it. The special sauce is not too spicy and thankfully, the onions were not too intense.

Steak Soft Taco -a tasty filling of meat, lettuce, salsa, fruit, cheese and special sauce (60 Pesos)

Burritos which were served to us had white rice but starting this week,  will  be replaced with spiced up yellow rice. I agree. The white rice although it was bearable,  just doesn’t suit a burrito.  I still liked this one for the same reason that the spices  are mild, the wrap is tasty and the mixture of ingredients blend well. I love that it has corn because it diffuses the tangy after-taste.

Chicken Burrito (120 Pesos)/Steak Burrito (140 pesos)
Chicken Burrito (120 Pesos)/Steak Burrito (140 pesos) – normally served as a whole

Among the snacks that were served to us that evening, the crunchy tacos garnered the most dramatic reaction from me. Nicely prepared sauce over cheese with fresh lettuce.  It looks as good as it tastes. It was a bit challenging to eat though – with all that sauce, but I’m not complaining. It’s not fun to eat tacos without creating some mess. If you want to consume it with poise, order the Taquitos. It’s a mini version of the Crunchy Tacos.  For 30 Pesos, you get two cute baby tacos.

Crunchy Taco,a classic Mexican food favorite that has ground beef, lettuce, salsa, corn, cheese and special sauce.

Crunchy Taco,a classic Mexican food favorite that has ground beef, lettuce, salsa, corn, cheese and special sauce. (50 Pesos)

 Another favorite of mine were the Potato Wedges. But hey,  fried potatoes are easy to love, especially when you’re not counting calories. It can be availed without the ground beef and salsa but if you want a full meal, go all the way. It’s only 70 Pesos. The wedges were nicely fried, no greasy icky after taste. It was drained well.

Potato WedgesRegular - Served with Ketchup (45 Pesos)Supreme - comes with ground beef, salsa and nacho cheese (70 Pesos)
Potato Wedges
Regular – Served with Ketchup (45 Pesos)
Supreme – comes with ground beef, salsa and nacho cheese (70 Pesos)

Here’s an interesting trivia that was shared to us by Angel about another favorite Pinoy comfort food. “Did you know that Champurrado is a warm and thick Mexican drink based on masa (a type of flour) that Mexicans introduced to the Philippines during the galleon trade? Filipinos adopted it, converted it into a rice porridge and changed the name to Champorado.” Amusing isn’t it. I’ve always thought champurrado was a brainchild of our ancestors as rice is one of our major harvests especially in the Cordillera region.

Champurrado (35 Pesos) – a rice porridge mixed with sugar, milk, cinnamon and vanilla

The cinnamon and vanilla truly sets it apart from the regular pinoy champorado so expect a hint of the two spices when you taste it. The chocolate mix used is unfamiliar but jives well with the extra flavorings. I’ll let you be the judge if it’s good. I am not a fan of  any form of saucy rice.

Much as we were having a blast with the friendly chatter and the great food, when the chimichangas came out, we groaned. Everyone was full.  But curiosity won and we found ourselves finishing half a piece each. That was how far my stomach could take for the day.  Though I try to stay away from anything fried, I enjoyed it very much. It’s tasteful and most importantly, it did not taste as though I just gulped cooking oil, very good grub indeed!

Chimichanga is fried burrito. You can go for either  Chicken (45 Pesos) or Steak (55 Pesos)
Chimichanga is fried burrito. You can go for either Chicken (45 Pesos) or Steak (55 Pesos)

Everything that was served to us were exactly what Angel told us, that their offerings are catered to the Filipino palate, one that is accustomed to heartening flavors that will not cause hyper-acidity triggered by powerful spices. For those who are keen on burning their tongues,  hot sauce is available upon request.  😛


Doggie’s Mexican Chow
Address : Burgundy Corporate Tower Ground Floor Food Court, Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City, Makati
Business Hours : Mon – Sun: 07:00 – 07:00
FB Page : Doggie’s Mexican Chow
Location Map here

Don’t feel like stepping out of the house?
Order online via Quick Delivery.PH or by dialing +63(02)212-1212 and asking for Doggie’s Mexican Chow menu items. Full menu available at Quick Delivery PH.






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