Good food, better advocay at Advocafe

When Bibang and I ate at Crazy Katsu, she told me about a restaurant that was helping Indigenous People (IP) somewhere in Mindoro. I was seriously interested and I said that I wanted to dine there. She asked when, I said tomorrow. The next day we were with Precious and Jeremy inside the MRT Station heading to Taft Station. From Taft Station we walked to the nearby LRT Station and rode the train going to Pedro Gil Station. From there it was a bit of a long walk to look for Advocafe.


When we finally found the Advocafe, we went in and as if not tired we surveyed the inside of the small restaurant. It was filled with an assortment of products from pastries to chili garlic and a menu of dishes on the wall. Despite the small floor area of the restaurant it had a cozy feeling to it.

Inside Advocafe
Inside Advocafe

Inside Advocafe

We quickly ordered food. I ordered Biya Meal (70 Pesos) and a cold drink named Hibiscus (30 Pesos). The Biya Meal is sun-dried fish with rice and fried sunny side up egg and the Hibiscus was, to my surprise, a Gumamela Iced Tea.

While waiting, I saw a picture on the wall says how they help a community of IP Farmers and how we are involved in the process. What I like about this is that they gave the community a responsibility by farming and selling their products to the restaurant. I’m not really a fan of charity work who only gives to the poor. I’m a follower of the quotable quote “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” They even extended their help by providing education and jobs.

Wall showing the relationship of the Cafe to their customers and to the Indigenous Farmers in Advocafe.
Wall showing the relationship of the Cafe to their customers and to the Indigenous Farmers.

First came my Hibiscus Drink and since I was really thirsty from the walk I quickly absorbed the drink. It was really good. It did not taste as something that came from a woody forest. I never knew Gumamela was refreshingly tasty. Maybe I should eat one than blow air balloons out of it.

Hibiscus Cold Drink at Advocafe
Hibiscus Cold Drink

Then my Biya Meal. Dried fish with rice and fried egg that also includes vinegar on a disposable plastic saucer. I was happy that they cooked the egg not well done that the yellow-orange egg yolk would be cooked. Since it was a late lunch, I quickly devoured on my Biya Meal. But I wished that they would have not used a disposable plastic saucer for the vinegar.

Biya Meal at Advocafe
Biya Meal

My hunger was still growling and luckily one of the three offered their Mixed Fruit Cake. Which was just okay for me. When I could see that it was still not going to satiate me, I quickly went to the counter and ordered Custard Cake (45 Pesos) which I happily shared with the group. The Custard Cake really hit the spot for me. The bread was soft and the taste was complimented by the custard. The Custard Cake is one of my favorites there.

Mixed Fruit Cake at Advocafe
Mixed Fruit Cake
Custard Cake at Advocafe
Custard Cake

And when the Custard Cake was gone, I went again to the counter and ordered their Pesto (65 Pesos). The lady at the counter said that their Pesto (65 Pesos) was also made with malunggay, interesting. A little wait and there lay the white spaghetti and a lump of an ice cream scoop of Pesto Cream mix topped with cheese. I mixed the pesto with the pasta and after a few shots we ate it. It had the taste of the usual pesto that I loved and I didn’t have a hint of malunggay on it. But I was happy that even if I had not tasted the malunggay, I knew that it was healthier than my usual pesto.

Pesto at Advocafe
Mixed Pesto at Advocafe
Mixed Pesto

With that, I had a good late lunch to an afternoon snack at Advocafe. Thinking back at Advocafe, if the food was not good I would half-heartedly support the restaurant with a fear that I would stop supporting it and quickly forgot about it. But it having good food and a good ambience would definitely go a long way for me not to forget to support it.

My Expenses

P70.00 Biya Meal
P30.00 Hibiscus
P45.00 Custard Cake
P65.00 Pesto
P210.00 TOTAL

Advocafe Details

Location/Address: UG RMAF Commercial Parking Bldg., J. Quintos St., Brgy. 699, Zone 076, Malate, Manila

Contact Information
Telephone Number: (02) 708-2366

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