Tasting the Cashew Fruit

Yesterday, I was offered a salted Cashew (Kasoy) Fruit. It was served on a pink slightly transparent plastic bowl.

Sliced Cashew Fruit - Kasoy Fruit
Sliced Cashew Fruit

I asked did they put water on it, which they answered that they did not. The soup that was there was because the cashew fruit has a lot of juices on it. They only sliced the cashew fruit, added salt and the cashew fruit provided the water.

I took a piece of the yellow cashew fruit and observed for the soft squeeshy piece. Thinking that the situation could not get any better every second passing I quickly took a bite. The taste was as how the cashew fruit smelled. It was not nice nor was it terrible. What I really did not like about the experience was when I took a bite, the liquid of the cashew fruit started to pour on my teeth and tongue. It had this chalky feeling that made me stop and spit it out. The chalky feeling was too much that it made my skin uncomfortably tingle, like hearing a fingernail scratch a black board.

Cashew Fruits on the trees - Kasoy Fruit
Cashew Fruits

Will I try it again? Weird as it may sound, yes, I will try it again. They say that it is an acquired taste and the color red fruit taste much better. I hope it does or I’ll forever place the raw cashew fruit in my ‘only-to-eat-on-an-apocalypse’ food.

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