Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy

When I was in the local grocery last week I noticed a new flavor of my favorite Lucky Me Pancit Canton, the Sweet and Spicy. Curious, I bought three as the one does not really satisfy my craving for quickly prepared Pancit Canton.

Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy Flavor

I opened the plastic wrapper, it had the usual curly dried noodles and two sachets, one has the soy sauce and the oil and the other has the seasoning/flavoring. The soy sauce though was different from the usual as it was thicker than the usual. I think the sweetness or the sugar was mixed in the soy sauce.

I boiled water and poured on the dried noodles. Usually, I do not follow the guidelines for the boiling of dry noodles as I like my noodles a bit hardy or not well done. So after some minutes I took it out, strained the water, placed the noodles on a plate and by biting on the sachets, poured the contents messily on the noodles. Then I mixed it until the color of the noodles becomes an even shiny dark yellow.

Dried Noodles
Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy Seasonings
Poured but unmixed seasoning - Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy
Poured but unmixed seasoning

The smell was great as it could transmit the spicyness of the pancit canton and making me hungry.

I tasted it and it was a little spicy than the Lucky Me Pancit Canton Spicy flavor, but I could not taste the sweetness of the flavor. Still it was a great snack.

Finished mixing Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy
Finished mixing Lucky Me Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy

Compared to the ChiliMansi flavor I will still go for the ChiliMansi flavor unless I’m really in the mood for something that has a hint of chili.

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  1. If you’re looking for Sweet n Spicy Pancit Canton, you might want to try Pancit ni Mang Juan’s Sweet n Spicy Pinoy BBQ. It’s awesome 🙂

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