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A dozen reasons to smile

When Indonesia’s J.Co Donuts opened its branches  here in the Philippines  in 2012,  the internet buzzed with mouth-watering images and descriptions about its wonderfully crafted look and taste.

Though quite late in the foodie world,  it was only two weeks ago that I got to understand the fuss and detestably long line whenever we attempt to buy at its SM Megamall branch.

Fortunately, one of my hard core foodie cousins, upon learning of our failed efforts,  dropped by the house with a surprise  box of treats. I was asleep at that time but my mom, all hyper and excited, woke me up. I don’t think anyone would appreciate being disturbed when they’re resting,  but when someone’s shoving a box of gorgeous  J.Co donuts  at your face, a foodie graciously responds with twice the level of excitement.

The next few seconds went by quickly. While in bed, I managed to devour two donuts of the same variant. It was topped with white Belgian chocolate and sprinkled generously with thin and crunchy, almonds. It was fluffy, flavorful and not sickeningly sweet. I was quite surprised when I realized I had two already and I wasn’t even fully conscious. Later, I learned that one I tried was alcapone.  It’s no surprise that it’s a bestseller.

I couldn’t stop thanking my cousin when I called her  up that evening.

A week later, my brothers and I got two more boxes from their branch at the SM Mall of Asia. It was not even 10:00 AM and there was a line already, although much more manageable than the ones we see at Megamall.

After seeing the price list, I now understand why I see a lot of people buying it in bulks. At 350 Pesos for a dozen box,  it’s irresistibly  much more cost-efficient than opting for singles, which costs 42 Pesos a piece. It’s even more cheaper if you get two boxes because it only costs  550  Pesos which meant you are only paying for 22.92  Pesos per donut. It’s a great deal if you’re planning to share your donuts or give it as a gift.

A favorite of mine, Green Tease, carries the flavor of green tea minus the bitterness.

Apart from donuts, their branches also serve fat free yogurts, coffee – hot and blended and tea which makes it an ideal place to mingle with friends and families who either have a sweet tooth or  stick to a healthier diet.

J. Co Donuts and Coffee
Facebook Page : J.Co Donuts – Philippines
Branches : Greenbelt 3, SM Megamall Building B, SM Mall of Asia
Opening soon in Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, Eastwood City & SM Fairview

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