Figaro Cheese Muffin and Cafe Latte

After dining at Adobo Connection with the Jovial Wanderer we needed to find a public place that is conducive for a meeting. We considered a lot of places but it did not pass our standards. When Jovial Wanderer said that there’s she saw a Figaro a couple of building away in Robinsons Cybergate 3 we decided to try the place and it finally passed our standards.

Figaro at Robinsons Cybergate 3

We could have just sat there and proceeded with our project without ordering but since Figaro provided such a nice place we have to order to give back to the store.

Since I was still full from the Adobo Connection, Jovial Wanderer ordered first. She had a Cheese Muffin (65 Pesos) and a 16oz Brewed Coffee (109 Pesos).

Cheese Muffin
Cheese Muffin and Brewed Coffee

I never got to taste the brewed coffee but she offered me to taste the Cheese Muffin. Who am I to say no when you see her enjoying that lightly colored bread with cracks on the top with linings of cheese. I grabbed a fork, took a chunk and tasted its cheesy goodness. The texture was good too, conducive for long meetings and good coffee.

After some time, I wanted to have something to drink. I saw their menu on the top of the counter and it had pictures of coffee with designs. I’ve never had coffee with a design before. I said to the one on the counter “Give me the cheapest coffee with a design.” #Cheapo

After a few minutes of waiting there it was in front of me, my very first coffee with a design, the 8oz Cafe Latte (95 Pesos). I took time noticing every intricate detail of the 8 petal flower design. White petals in the middle with the silhouette of dark brown. There was another set of petals on the outer side, this time it was colored light brown but outlined with a darker brown. A lot of pictures were taken, most of them on the macro level.

Cafe Latte at Figaro
Cafe Latte

Eventually, I realized that it was coffee so I had to stop admiring the design and drink it. It was not as hot as I expected it to be, maybe because I took the time taking pictures of it. The taste was good coffee. Enough to last me until another 2 hours.

Then we proceeded with what we were doing and eventually went out of Figaro around 9:30PM because we were hungry.

Note: Figaro has WiFi internet. For every purchase receipt you got you get 1 hour of WiFi where they give you a username and password.

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