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According to an article I read on Huffington Post, eating breakfast reduces your cravings for food later in the day.  Unfortunately, it’s not true in my case, but it sure does brighten my day. 🙂

As someone who enjoys waking up way before the cheery sun glares from the sky, I have this intense need to gorge on an amazing breakfast, or else I’ll feel out of sorts. It’s actually one of the last things on my mind before bed.  😛

I doesn’t really take much for me to feel delighted over a first meal as long as there’s variation, food’s steaming, prepared well and not too greasy.

Such feast that I look forward to, is the complimentary breakfast buffet offered in Azalea Residences, Baguio where I spent the night two weeks ago. Hotel buffets are so easy to love. You wake up from your room, fix your hair a bit, walk towards the restaurant, grab food and leave your mess at the table when you’re done. No preparations, it’s all too easy, breezy.

The buffet is served at Tradisyon, the hotel’s restaurant located near the lobby. On a previous visit, me and several blogger friends met the amiable head chef (and please accept my apologies for not remembering your name) who took some time off the kitchen for a short chat. He was eager to know how our stay was going and excitedly told us about a nice treat for breakfast the next day which was the daing na espada, now, one of my favorite fish dishes on earth! 😀

The selection is pretty generous if you’re someone who’s not confined to just vegetables or fish. There’s two kinds of soup – usually rice porridge and a clear soup where you can choose to put toppings such as kikiam, green onions, eggs, pork chicharon and garlic.

Soup up!
Keep your tummy light by munching on mixed green salad.

For those who prefers to keep it light in the morning, there’s a colorful salad bar where the ingredients are fresh and very crisp. Non rice eaters can opt for a cereal  or grab some bread and jam. They also have a corner where you can have your omelets and pancakes prepared on the spot.

Main dishes may include chicken and pork adobo, nuggets, hotdogs while the regulars, which I’ve noticed from the 4 times I’ve consumed a breakfast buffet here are longganisa, danggit, daing na espada, garlic rice, plain rice and a vegetable dish.

Coffee addicts, (ahem, ahem!) would love the strong cup of freshly brewed coffee that’s served on your table and yes it’s unlimited! 🙂  I normally consume three cups during breakfast because I enjoy it too much. For non-caffeine freaks, there’s also two types of juices that’s available (refillable too!).

Daing na espada – my favorite! These are as thin and crunchy as potato chips. Unlike other dried fishes, this one’s not salty at all. It tastes better when dipped in vinegar.

Despite my newly repaired lower two front teeth, injured lips and severely bruised arm which were in the process of healing from a freak accident in the bathroom four days back, I managed to enjoy my breakfast, hurling the food directly to my molars and gulping on coffee with my tongue blocking the teeth. Never mind that my tongue’s directly touching the cup, it had to be done.

Azalea Residences
#7 Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City, Philippines

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