Adobo Connection in Robinsons Pioneer

I met Jovial Wanderer around 4PM yesterday at Robinsons Pioneer. I thought we were going for coffee on starbucks but she texted me that she’s hungry and would like to eat at Adobo Connection. Change of meeting venue.

We met inside Adobo Connection and we were lucky as there’s not much people inside. It’s a bit embarassing to take pictures of the food when there’s a lot of people.

I ordered my favorite Fried Adobo Paos (49 Pesos) and tried Kuya’s Fried Mix (Chicken and Pork) Adobo with Iced Tea (125 Pesos). They gave me my number and went back to my seat.

The music from the speakers above was too loud but a bit tolerable as I could still hear Jovial Wanderer speaking. But on our first time to try Adobo Connection when there were a lot of people, the echos from the other diners were too much that we I had a hard time hearing what my friend said.

The waiter then arrived with 2 glasses with ice and a container of water. This is their free drink. And I like that they put a container on the table as it would be a hassle to call on a waiter, ask for a drink and wait for them to pour you a drink.


Then the food arrived.

I first ate the Kuya’s Fried Mix Adobo. The truth is it was somewhat bland for me. Though the fried garlic on top did have taste, it did not compensate for the lack of taste of the Adobo. The meat of the chicken and pork were cooked properly, though.

Kuya's Fried Mixed Adobo
Kuya’s Fried Mixed Adobo

Up next is my favorite Fried Adobo Paos! On the first time I dined at Adobo Connection I bought 2 of this! The outer covering is a soft bread like mixture but crispy on a thin film on the outside. Then the saltiness of the adobo inside is a perfect mix. I loved it!

Fried Adobo Paos
Inside the Fried Adobo Paos

It was a great super late lunch, especially the Fried Adobo Paos. I look forward to dining here again and trying their other dishes. 🙂

My 174 Pesos meal for that afternoon




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