Big Mac Meal at McDonalds

We were planning to do a more slow food tripping in Los Baños, Laguna but we bought a Kesong Puti which was needed to be in the freezer in less than 5 hours!

It was already 4PM, we still had no lunch and since we had such a time constraint to go back to Manila we decided to eat at the one place we know that has fast service, McDonalds.

If it’s McDonalds, I’ve always ordered their Big Mac Meal (153 Pesos with Medium Coke and French Fries).

Big Mac Meal at McDonalds

I love the combination of 100% Beef, pickles, lettuce, diced onion, dressing and especially the melted cheese sandwiched between 3 layers of bread.

Big Mac Meal at McDonalds

I’ve always ordered the Big Mac Meal when I’m at McDonalds, except when I’m tight on my budget where I order their Cheeseburger Meal.

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