Yabu, The House of Katsu in SM Megamall

It was dinner and my brother’s first meal of the day. Worst part of it all we were number 7 on the line to dine at Yabu, The House of Katsu at The Atrium, SM Megamall.

How did we end up in Yabu? Earlier we met with Cat and Alpi. And we were thinking of dining somewhere that is not present in Palawan. Cat suggested Yabu, as it was a Japanese restaurant. I’m hungry, so regardless if it’s present in Palawan or not, I agreed.

Yabu The House of Katsu at the Atrium, SM Megamall

After the long wait of 20 minutes. We were already seated right at the bottom of their signboard. Was given their menu with a story of a child who wanted to master cooking, manga style.

Since it was my first time my brother suggested I order the usual, Rosu Pork Tonkatsu Set. “3/4th inch thick, juicy pork cutlet with a trimming of fatServed with unlimited Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing and a bowl of fruit.” Sounds delicious. I’m hungry and in no state of mind to check out other items on the menu. But wait, there’s more. I had to choose the size of my pork: 90 grams (315 Pesos), 120 grams (355 Pesos) and 180 grams (405 Pesos). I quickly placed my hands on my consultants, my tummy and my pocket, and the pocket wins. One order of Rosu Pork Tonkatsu Set 90 grams please.

My brother, named Dane, Cat and Alpi ordered the Menchi Katsu Set (350 Pesos). And when all our orders were retrieved by a waitress the others quickly oriented me on the place.

Starting with the condiments colorfully placed on the side of the table.

Condiments at Yabu The House of Katsu in SM Megamall

Salt – white container with a big round mouth.

Japanese Pepper – small container with green cap.

Chili Pepper – small container with orange cap.

Chili Oil – small container with yellow cap.

Tonakatsu Sauce – white container.

Vinegrette – tall bottle with dark liquid.

Goma Sesame Dressing – tall bottle with light liquid.

The two tall bottles are poured on the cabbage and mixed.

A set of cold towels were then set on the table to wipe our hands clean.

Then came my Rosu Pork Tonkatsu Set and their Menchi Ketsu Set.

Rosu Pork Tonkatsu Set 90 grams at Yabu, The House of Katsu in The Atrium, SM Megamall
Rosu Pork Tonkatsu Set 90 grams
Menchi Katsu Set at Yabu, The House of Katsu in SM Megamall
Menchi Katsu Set

From the outside it looked the same but on the inside the cheese in the Menchi Katsu Set is visible.

Inside Rosu Pork Tonkatsu
Inside Rosu Pork Tonkatsu
Inside Mechi Katsu

The menu said “Authentic Japanese minced meat, made with superior ground beef and pork, mixed together with Yabu’s special spices, and stuffed with creamy cheese.” about the Mechi Katsu set. They also have unlimited rice and cabbage along with fruits and miso soup.

Finally, my food was there, I am hungry and ready to eat… when a small bowl of roasted sesame seeds arrived!!!

Yes, we were still not eating. We still had to crush the roasted sesame seeds by moving the pestle around the inside of the ribbed bowl.

Roasted Sesame Seeds at Yabu, The House of Katsu
Crushing the roasted sesame seeds

When that was finished, the Tonkatsu Sauce is then poured and mixed.

Pouring Tonkatsu Sauce on the crushed roasted sesame seeds
Pouring Tonkatsu Sauce on the crushed roasted sesame seeds

Finally, we were eating.

I first poured the vinegrette to my cabbage, then the Goma Sesame Sauce, mixed and with the use of my chopsticks I pinched and ate. And at the end of our meal I had 3 refills of this.

I then ate my Pork Tonkatsu. The breading cover was crispy with the taste of juicy pork inside. I followed in with their Japanese Rice, that was easy to be swooped by the chopsticks due to its stickyness.

I then tried to dip into my Tonkatsu mixed with cruched roasted sesame seeds. When I ate it, the sesame seeds was too much! I didn’t like it. Next time I’ll try to minimize the roasted sesame seeds or remove it totally. Not my preference.

I also tried taking a small piece of their Mechi Katsu Set, and compared with my Pork Tonkatsu, I still preferred the latter.

Overall, it was a good meal for the night.

Yabu, The House of Katsu
Pork Tonkatsu

By the way their staff was very accommodating and quickly served us when we had requests.

They also have 5% service charge. Don’t forget to include that in your budget.

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