Cheesy Beef of De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop

Just last night I watched the movie Life of Pi in Trinoma, the movie was good but this post is not about the movie. This post is about what I usually eat during the trailers of movies.

Cheesy Beef of Jamaican Patties

I’m not a fan of popcorn but when I do have it I usually eat it. What I really like to bring during a movie are Cheesy Beef of De Original Jamaican Pattie Shop.


Other than the fact that it taste good to my liking, the crust is a multiple layers of thin yellowish shell that are soft yet has that small right amount of crispiness. The filling of meat and spices inside are juicy and releases a flavor of beef and cheese. Each bite gives the right amount of deliciousness yet gives only that soft faint sound letting me hear the conversations of the movie. And it’s only 48 Pesos each.

Why not Beefy Pinatubo?

I still love Beefy Pinatubo because of its hotness and spicyness. It’s just that my physiology that sweats like crazy when I eat hot and spicy food discourages me. The Cheesy Beef provides me the right amount of flavor with less spicyness. But I still request for the hot sauce when I order, which is not that hot, for a little bit of spicyness (and sweatiness).

Jamaican Patties Paper Bag
Jamaican Patties Paper Bag and Iced Tea

Notice that I said that I usually eat them during movie trailers? That’s how fast I ate them. I finished two Cheesy Beef Jamaican Patties just before the 20th Century Fox strip was shown.

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