Caramel Ice Blended of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Though I do drink coffee occasionally (mostly during sleepy hours of the day when I have to work), I’m not a fan of it.

Caramel Ice Blended of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

What happens to a guy who gets invited to have coffee from friends who’s not a fan of coffee?

Lucky for someone like me that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) offers something else other than coffee, yet still has that masculinity in a cup, and that’s their Caramel Ice Blended. I’m a fan of caramel!

You’ve been tricked! Caramel Ice Blended is coffee based!

I admit, I was tricked before. It tasted a bit too sweet but it still smoothness when I drink it. The coffee is well hidden between the ice, milk and caramel and I loved it. That’s why I’m still drinking it until this day.

Anyways, whatever you say I love it and I also love to partner it with my Cheesy Beef Jamaican Patties.

By the way, a CBTL venti sized Caramel Ice Blended costs 185 Pesos.

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