Palawan Noni Juice by B.O.G. Coffee Shop

I was waiting for my flight back to Manila in Puerto Princesa, Palawan when I decided to walk around the departure waiting area due to boredom. Then I saw this sign

B.O.G. Coffee Shop - Palawan Noni Juice

I’ve seen a lot of noni fruits on my travels around the country, mostly in off-the-beaten path beaches but this is the first time I saw that they make it as juice.

I ordered one (1) Noni Juice for 140 Pesos. A bit hurtful for my budget since I’ve almost spent it on my trip to El Nido.

Palawan Noni Juice - BOG Coffee Shop

Since I was bored and there were no other customers lined up, I decided to talk to the baristas. They were fun to talk to and very kind. We were talking and laughing until I curiously asked if the Noni Juice was good. Suddenly, there was this awkward silence from all the baristas. That gave me the cue to brace myself for this drink.

When I arrived at home I told my parents about it and they said that Noni is actually a drank to help diabetes and other sickness just like the billboard above says.

Palawan Noni Juice

How did it taste like? Yucky! Not my cup of tea. Just a sip from it would define it as medicinal drink because it tasted like medicine.

All along I thought I could finish my Palawan Noni Juice but I could not.

Was it worth it? Yes! It was worth the try. At least when I die I know how a Noni Juice tastes like. I just wish I don’t get sick so that doctors would not require me to drink it.

2 thoughts on “Palawan Noni Juice by B.O.G. Coffee Shop”

  1. may friend kami na gumagawa ng noni juice binigyan nia kami free niyan..maganda sya sa katawan napatunayan k na sya dahil ang asawa ko dapat ooperahan sa bato pro yan ang ininom nia lumabas ung mga bato nia sa katawan..may diabetes din sya at yan ang gamot nia..:) kahit si mama highblood before bumaba ang dugo nia dhil dyan sa noni juice..

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