Papa John’s Pizza at Brick Road, Sta. Lucia Mall

We had lunch at Papa John’s Pizza at the Brick Road, Sta. Lucia Mall today. Thankfully, I was with my brother and my grandfather to enjoy this meal.

Papa John's Pizza

Since it was our first time in the store I asked what was their best sellers when the waiter gave the menu to us. He answered the following

  • Super Papa’s Pizza
  • All the Meats Pizza
  • Seafood Carbonara
  • Bolognaise

He was in a hurry to do something so he left our table after answering the questions. Weirdly, there was only one other table occupied that time. Other than that their service was great and fast.

First up, we ordered for their Chicken Wings (P169) the description on their menu was “Four (4) plump and juicy chicken wings.” It was 4 pieces alright, but it was not 4 chicken wings. It was the equivalent of only 2 chicken wings chopped on each segment to make it 4 pieces. The taste was good though especially when dipped in Barbecue Sauce.

Chicken Wings - P169
Chicken Wings - P169

Then came my grandfather’s Garden Salad (P69) with a choice dressing of Caesar’s salad dressing. Which tasted good, quite healthy and picture perfect.

Garden Salad with Caesar's Salad Dressing - P69
Garden Salad with Caesar's Salad Dressing - P69

I ordered their Seafood Carbonara (P180), which was good even without the additional parmesan cheese but I find the amount lacking a bit.

Seafood Carbonara - P180
Seafood Carbonara - P180

Last and definitely not the least is one of their bestsellers, Super Papa’s Pizza. We ordered the medium sized Super Papa’s Pizza which cost P475. In terms of size it was at the right amount that I expected from its price. For the first slice, it tasted a little bit bland that I added hot sauce to it, but on the second slice it tasted great! Maybe this are one of those food that you should not only taste it to enjoy its taste. I had my third slice and if my brother or cousin does not go to the fridge I would have my fourth slice later.

Medium Super Papa's Pizza - P475
Medium Super Papa's Pizza - P475

All in all, I enjoyed my lunch and would like to try other items on their menu.


P169.00 Chicken Wings
P69.00 Garden Salad
P180.00 Seafood Carbonara
P475.00 Medium Super Papa’s Pizza
P79.73 Service Charge
P972.75 TOTAL

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