Everyone started running to a child carrying plastics that contains what looks like shiny candies. In less than a minute almost all her goods were gone. Luckily, one of my aunts was one of those who bought from the child. I then approached my aunt and she invited me to eat Kalapi.

Kalapi is actually the fruit of the Rattan. I never thought that the tree who’s popular use is for making furnitures and baskets would have an edible fruit. A fruit that many people would run to.

To eat the Kalapi, you should remove the scale-like shell and eat the meat of the fruit. Unfortunately, the fruit that I chanced upon was not ripe enough to be sweet. It was actually a sour.

The price of one plastic of Kalapi (10 pieces) is 5 Pesos in Eastern Samar.

Seed of Kalapi
Seed of Kalapi

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