Getting a bad service

Just this lunch I got a bad service at a restaurant in SM Masinag. The restaurant where I ate had friendly servers, treated us with respect and when they said they will serve our food in 10 minutes they served it in 10 minutes. The bad part was that the description of what I ordered says that I would get a quarter of the chicken and what I only got was only the ass and a about 1/5th of the thigh, no legs.

You might have noticed by now that I am not going to say what the name of the restaurant is. I am not going to say this because I simply do not have evidence (pictures) to show you. You may believe me or not, it’s for you to decide.

Going back, my mistake was that I only complained about it when I already ate the chicken and the servers had already cleared out the table. Thus I have no evidence to show them that what I ordered lacked what I will be paying for. When the bill came and we complained about it to the waitress we do not have any evidence to show her, thus we still paid for what we ordered even if it is below what we should be getting.

I was somehow glad that the waitress went back to our table and gave us a comments/suggestions sheet so we could write about our experience and they could have a record of what they should improve.

Lessons learned with this experience

  1. Always have evidence
    If their dish was smaller than expected then tell them when the dish still exists not when you already ate it. Or when you agreed on the price through email or text, and they billed you a higher amount then show them the email/text.
  2. Do not shout
    Shouting only leads to a lot of stress and the more you shout the more they will not give an incentive. So calm down, smile and have a good train of thought when you are complaining.
  3. Write down your complaint
    “The faintest ink is better than the sharpest memory” No matter how good your suggestions or complaints you have if it was not written they would still forget it. Ask for a feedback paper or if they do not have one write it on a piece of paper/tissue.
  4. Complain with a good will
    Always complain with two things in mind, (1) to get what you paid for and (2) to improve the restaurants service for other customers. Let’s all help each other out to improve ones business and be a blessing to others.

Let’s all complain with an evidence, a smile on our face and with a good will.

P.S. Their waitress was tall and pretty. 🙂

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