Bavarian Frosts by Mister Donut

I do not know about you but when it comes to donut flavors I tend to go for the Bavarian filled donuts. I admit that when I was a child I did not like Bavarians filled, because I could relate them to a sickness of the nose and throat. But I outgrew that kind of mindset and now here I am and loving this lightly yellow filled breads.

Caramel Bavarian Frost

Caramel Bavarian Frost
Caramel Bavarian Frost

Since I was in Mister Donut I decided to go for the Bavarian but now with a twist. Caramel flavored and Coffee Flavored Bavarian Donuts. 😀

Coffee Bavarian Frost
Coffee Bavarian Frost

I was somehow disappointed that the filling was only up to half of the donut but I analyzed why. I got the answer when I bit on the part where the donuts was filled, if the whole donut is filled then the donut would be too rich.

Anyways, I did taste the coffee flavor but only a faint caramel.

Price: P12.50 per piece
Taste: 8/10
Texture: 9/10
Value for your money: 9/10

For more information about Mister Donut visit their website at

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