Pork Sisig by Sisig Hooray!


Sisig Hooray Pork Sisig

I still remember my very first time trying the Pork Sisig of Sisig Hooray! I knew that time that I would still be going back and eat the same tasty Pork Sisig. It was quick, it was hot and their Pork Sisig was tasty. But I admit that I will not be frequently eating their Pork Sisig since its cholesterol level is high.

Though, cholesterol levels are high their environmental impact has lessened. They have switch from styrofoam containers to paper containers. Good Job!

Sisig Hooray! Packaging

Author’s Notes

  • I am amused at how they prepare the sisig when the queuing is long.
  • It was entertaining to watch one of their crew slice and dice the chicken with two big knives. It sounded like drums in a marching band.
  • You can tell their crew if you do not want mayonnaise or chili to your sisig. They would happily oblige.

Hooray! for Sisig Hooray! 🙂

Taste: 9/10
Texture: 8/10
Value for your Money: 9/10


P69.00 – Pork Solo Sisig
P28.00 – Sprite 16oz
P97.00 – TOTAL

To know more about Sisig Hooray! visit their website at SisigHooray.com.ph or like them at their Facebook Fanpage (facebook.com/pages/Sisig-Hooray/60120151118)

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