Baguio City’s Strawberry Taho


Strawberry Taho

Since Baguio City is famous for its strawberry, it would not be far fetch for the Strawberry Taho to come alive.

I make it a point to taste the Strawberry Taho whenever I am in Baguio. This kills the monotony of having the normal taho here in Manila where they only put arnibal (melted brown sugar with vanilla syrup) as flavoring.

With the many Strawberry Taho that I have tasted, I noticed that there is no consistency with the taste. Sometimes it lacks the strawberry flavor and sometimes it’s too sweet. According to one of the Taho vendors that I asked, they were the ones who cook their taho and they cook them according to their taste. He said that the strawberries are being bought in the market early in the morning to be processed so that they would prepare them fresh.

Price: 20 Pesos per Strawberry Taho
Best served hot in the cold Baguio.

Taste: 8/10
Texture: 8/10
Value for your Money: 6/10

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