Honey Chicken Teriyaki and American Maki of Tokyo Tokyo

Hungry. I went to the counter of Tokyo Tokyo in SM Mall of Asia looking for something that I have not tried. My eyes went to the part of their menu that say ‘Bestsellers’. It was my first time to see Honey Chicken Teriyaki so I ordered it because it was the cheapest that I have not tried.

Tokyo Tokyo Bestsellers

Honey Chicken Teriyaki

Honey Chicken Teriyaki

The crew warned me so as not to be fooled by the Honey in the name, the Honey Chicken Teriyaki is actually sweet and SPICY! I realized that she was not joking as the sweat droplets slowly forming on my forehead. Good thing that Tokyo Tokyo has unlimited rice so as to slightly lessen the spicyness (I had 3 refills of rice). But  if the rice is not enough then their famous Red Iced Tea can come to the rescue. Honey Chicken Teriyaki and Red Iced Tea are a perfect combination. I will have this again when I get back to Tokyo Tokyo.

Taste: 9/10
Texture: 9/10
Value for your Money: 9/10

American Maki

American Maki

It was also my first time seeing their attractive American Maki, a sushi that is covered with rice pops that are colored yellow, green and pink making it look weird. Weird enough for me to order and taste. According to the crew of Tokyo Tokyo the ingredients are ham and cheese. If my taste buds are sensitively right, the dip was made of soy sauce and mayonnaise. The combination of the American Maki and the dip was good but it was still not as good as their California Maki.

Taste: 7/10
Texture: 8/10
Value for your Money: 7/10


P95.00 – Honey Chicken Teriyaki
P59.00 – American Maki 4pcs
P38.00 – Red Iced Tea 16oz
P192.00 – TOTAL

For more information about Tokyo Tokyo visit their official Philippine website at TokyoTokyo.ph

Tokyo Tokyo

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.

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  1. Their honey chicken teriyaki is to die for! Super spicy but the taste is really good. I haven’t tried their american maki because I can’t imagine the taste of the ham and cheese together with rice so… Good to note that I should still stick with their california maki hehe..

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